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Dr. Romoke Opeyemi Quadir
Abdulmuta’ali Oyedeji Abdulkadir


The paper investigated the understanding of health information sources among people in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria during the COVID-19. The Source of health information is critical during a pandemic situation such as the present COVID-19 pandemic. Source of information is the point of contact from where information is derived to solve pressing health related problems. The objective of this study was to investigate the sources of information utilized by people in Zaria metropolis during the COVID-19 period. This study is primarily qualitative involving exploring the information practices of the participants. Data was collected using a semi- structured interview guide with 8 participants. The findings revealed that participants sourced for information about COVID-19 from six sources. These are through; family, friends, orthodox medical practitioners, acquaintances, mass media and COVID-19 patients. Support is indicated as important in coping with chronic diseases, trusting the sources are equally a subject of concern. Also, the findings revealed that information is understood in six different ways thus:Information is important, information is critical, information is rumour and unsubstantiated, information is authentic, and information is confusing and misleading. The study concluded that identifying correlations between sources and understanding of the information are fundamental to developing insights that will help in the creation of targeted management, mitigation, and preventive policies; ultimately minimizing the risks and costs of chronic diseases. The study therefore recommends that sources of information utilized by participants in this study setting should be harmonized by medical authorities’ in order to achieve the desired health outcome. The medical authorities should ensure that everyone has access to accurate information and removing harmful content.

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Quadir, R. O. ., & Abdulkadir, A. O. . (2022). UNDERSTANDING THE HEALTH INFORMATION SOURCES DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN ZARIA, KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA. Nigerian Libraries: Journal of Nigerian Library Association, 54(2), 13–25. Retrieved from https://journal.nla.ng/index.php/nigerianlibraries/article/view/53